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in a magnificent scenario

Eternal flavors and culinary joy

Come and taste the exquisite kitchen of the Hotel Villa Pamphili Roma restaurants. Our menus change with the changing of seasons and enhance flavors that are familiar and surprising at the same time. The art of our cuisine inspires to local traditions. Since the most ancient times, gardens and countryside have been producing here ingredients that have become, today, an Italian excellence in the world. To this, we combine our experience, made up of research and experimentation. Guided by the creative flair of the starred chef Andrea Ribaldone, we tempt the palate with delights that you will not forget.


So sit at our table and leave on this journey of flavors.

Opening Time


To book Ristorante AcquaViva, Room service, Terrazza Pamphili, V-Hip Pool bar & lunch box: +39 06-40064533 or +39 345-5717199, Int. 4533 from the room phone or e-mail 




From 7 to 10:30am midweek. From 7 to 11am weekend

Lunch menu 12.30 - 15.00. It is possibile to eat from 7 to 24 with a small menu/room service

From 7.30 to 10.30 pm

From 8 to 11 pm (summer season)

From 10am to 24pm

Welcome to our table

Our cuisine is inspired by local and Roman tradition, a simple but quality cuisine, made with few ingredients but tasty, nutritious and abundant in portions. It originates from the millenary influence of commercial and cultural exchanges that have characterized the history of Rome and Italy.

Our ingredients are seasonal and locally sourced. The peasant origin of Roman and regional Italian cuisine was born in the vegetable garden and in the farmyards, in the Roman countryside as well as in the countless and extraordinarily different Italian countryside made of raw materials that have become gastronomic excellences all over the world.

Ours is Mediterranean, local and regional cuisine. Original inspirations within the most ancient traditions. The modernity of Mediterranean cuisine understood as a natural fusion of the peoples and cultures that overlook this great sea. North and south meet and change the variety of the proposals to the continuous change of the available ingredients.

Our goal is to amaze with familiar flavors, yes, but surprising at the same time. Eating and drinking well are bargains in Italy, but the evolution of taste and gastronomic culture has led to widespread and competent knowledge of our cuisine. Familiar and expected flavors, but always surprising for the proposal of high quality raw materials and the choice of sophisticated and innovative techniques.

The "good kilometer"


Where it is served: Ristorante Acquaviva and Patio + Pool Terrace

Service hours: lunch card 12:00 - 15:00 + possibility to eat from 7 to 24 (small card / room service)




Have lunch in the sun on the terrace of an elegant Roman tavern overlooking the pool and the Valle dei Casali or inside, in a welcoming and refined setting, with surprising aesthetic choices.

A modern kitchen with a strong territorial imprint. We went for you in search of "good" kilometer products. A concept that wants to go beyond the zero kilometer by pushing towards the search for quality while respecting the principles of proximity that protect the quality of the materials and create advantages shared by producers and consumers, without excessive distance constraints but with the aim of rewarding those who really offer excellence.

In a convivial setting, our lunch offers a pleasant wellness break. Between one appointment and another, after a swim in the pool, with friends or colleagues, Villa Pamphili offers a complete card that can meet everyone's needs and, above all, the desires.


Tailor-made Salads

The "Piatto Quadro"

From an idea of the great chef Gualtiero Marchesi.

Where it is served: Ristorante AcquaViva and Patio + Pool Terrace



Dynamic and projected towards modernity as we are, we decided to take inspiration from a brilliant idea of ​​the great chef Gualtiero Marchesi.

A fun, nice and quick solution to taste three dishes offered in the menu in small quantities in a single course, accompanied by a side dish. Each day the three solutions proposed are the summary of the entire menu which offers three starters, three first and three second courses, of meat, fish and vegetarian as well as a selection of desserts. 

To complete the proposal, there are 3 possible salad compositions. 7, 10 and 13 are the numbers that will identify the size of the salad, according to the variety of raw cooked vegetables present in the composition. In addition, it is be possible to opt for a type of protein ingredients, meat, fish or dairy products. Everyone can then compose the salad by playing with the ingredients. Inspired by seasonality, there will also be three types of soup.

Dining and Convivium


Where it is served: Ristorante Acquaviva and Patio + Pool Terrace

Service hours: from 19.30 to 23.00




Maintaining the features of an elegant Capitoline tavern, the most recognizable dishes of the Roman tradition are offered according to the concepts of conviviality and sharing. Perhaps never as in this moment, as soon as all the conditions of maximum safety have been restored, do we feel the need to return to spend time at the table together, adding the pleasure of food to that of human relationship.

Appetizers and first courses, such as pasta, risotto or tortellini in broth, served as a centerpiece can be savored in a joyful and fun dynamic for all diners.

Of course, from the menu with three choices of appetizers, first and second courses, one of which of the day, which bases their inspiration on typical Roman products and seasonality of the products, individual choices are available.

Dinner on the Terrace


Hours: from 8 pm to 11 pm

Reservation Requested




Everything starts with an aperitif and merges with a sunset dinner. Quality background music, breathtaking views and an atmosphere that smells of "dolce vita". This is our Terrazza Pamphili.

At the cocktail bar you can taste an exclusive selection of vermouts and many sparkling wine labels, to best accompany the selection of favorite raw foods.

It will be easy, to the measured sound of music, to get carried from a drink to a real dinner at sunset, overlooking the most beautiful park in the capital. A fresh, innovative and dynamic menu proposal, which winks at high quality products served raw, together with curated reinterpretations by our chef.

From oysters to fracosta, from gazpacho to our fish&chips, from parmigiana to a delicious fried seafood, the only real recipe is that of the guest, the only rule is the joy of living.

Aperitif in the Terrazza


On the fifth floor of the building, there is the rooftop of the Terrazza Pamphili where you can enjoy good drinks, quality food, background music and live DJ sets during the aperitif time. A dream location for glamorous aperitifs that seem to want the magical "sunset" moment to last indefinitely, while the fiery sun sets behind the verdant Roman slyline.

Between comfortable wicker sofas, lush plants, gourmet finger food, excellent cocktails, music and relaxed atmospheres, the aperitif becomes relaxation and a remedy against hard days of work and study, and offers moments of pleasure, sharing and chatting.

The skilled mixologists will satisfy your thirst with magical drinks. There are carefully selected wine labels that you can taste with healthy and sustainable food selections thanks to the our choice of the "good kilometer".

Music is an integral part of the experience, sounds that envelop and mark the time as the sun goes down behind the Mediterranean vegetation, giving magical atmospheres.

Bar Rendez V

American bar Rendez-V

Hours of service: from 10 - to 24


Rendez-V is our charming American bar with a 1950s atmosphere. The large interior spaces are joined by a wonderful terrace overlooking the swimming pool and the park. A multifaceted space, able to change clothes at different times of the day: cafeteria and Italian breakfasts give way to centrifuged and quick healthy lunches for those who have just finished a training session in the gym or a spa circuit.

In the afternoon, the reserved areas are available for small business meeting or for simple moments of relaxation accompanied by drinks, tea, herbal teas and small snacks.

The wide selection of spirits and our specialized barmen make the lobby bar the perfect place to end the evening in relaxation, with an eye to the sporting event of the moment, rather than comfortably lying on the lounges on the outdoor terrace.


Where it is served: AcquaViva Restaurant and Patio + Pool Terrace

Hours: from 7 to 10:30 midweek from 7 to 11 on the weekend


The breakfast at Villa Pamphili is of Mediterranean inspiration, a quality proposal with a wide variety of products which follow the seasons and the Italian tradition. This, above all, when it comes to fruit and vegetables. Particular attention is given to homemade products, both for baking and pastry, as well as for savory baked selections. Of course, extensive notes of internationality are also offered in respect of the different origins and traditions of our guests, albeit with some reinterpretations of our chef.

Our wide, varied and colorful proposal is presented in a refined setting and enhanced by a technological layout capable of guaranteeing the best food maintenance with an inviting presentation. Our buffet is served on large heated or cooled counters according to the type of product. For this, you will find your favorite foods always in the best conditions, at any time you decide to have breakfast.

Every morning, our chef will welcome you from his show-cooking station directly in the dining room, ready to expressly fulfill your wishes.

Room Service

Do you want to enjoy breakfast or a tasty dish in the privacy of your room? Our room service is available every day at the following times:


"All-Day" 11am-23 with a selection of delicious cold dishes and a selection of sweet desserts

"Lunch & Dinner" 12:30-15 | 19:30-23 with a menu of first, main and side dishes


There is also a wine and soft drink list.

For breakfast in your room, just call the restaurant.


Cost of the Service € 10 






For the success of your event, the quality of food and drinks is essential. Whether it is a rich banquet, a break during a meeting, a gala dinner or a business lunch on a business meeting, taste and pleasure are the protagonists, they must tantalize the senses and bring the right energy, regenerate without weighing you down.

Now more than ever our passion for providing creative, healthy and local experiences is central to the food offer we present at events. We want to amaze and involve starting from the taste.

Our wonderful Brigade

Their day begins with a good coffee enjoyed in company in the early morning, and ends when the kitchen lights go out in the evening and they all leave together.

In between there are hours of hard work, but seasoned with irreplaceable ingredients: sharing, love, quality, participation, enthusiasm.

Our chef Scognamiglio has created a team that meets these requirements, a passionate atmosphere that can be breathed in the kitchen and reaches the dishes.

Andrea Ribaldone
Andrea Ribaldone signs the food concept of our menus. Chef with a career full of important collaborations, such as that of executive chef and consultant for Eataly Tokyo or for Identità Expo. With I Due Buoi he wins the Michelin star in the 2016 edition. In 2017 he takes the helm of the Osteria Arborina in La Morra, in the Langhe, where the Michelin star almost immediately arrives, as well as at the Due Camini of Borgo Egnazia, in Puglia, in 2018.

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The fare of your taxi?
It's on us! We will refund the expense with a voucher to be consumed in our Bars & Restaurants!


Proposals and offers to give you moments of pure well-being in our SPA. Come in and find out how we can take care of you.

Location & Contacts

Hotel Villa Pamphili Roma
Via della Nocetta, 105 - Roma (RM),
T +39 06 40064500