Are you ready for an amazing culinary journey? Take a seat at one of Hotel Villa Pamphili Roma’s restaurants. Our menus change with the seasons and showcase the familiar Italian flavors you might expect as well as a few surprises you might not. Local culinary traditions have made Italian cuisine what it is today, and these delicious dishes made with fresh ingredients from kitchen gardens and family farms are what inspire us. Add to this the long-standing experience of our kitchen brigade, fueled in equal parts by research and experimentation, and the creative flair of Michelin starred chef Andrea Ribaldone – and you get tantalizing dishes your taste buds will never forget.

Join us on a journey of flavor!


Our menu is inspired by local culinary traditions, defined by simplicity and quality, prepared with carefully selected, delicious and nutritious ingredients, and served in generous portions. For millennia, Rome has been at the crossroads of commercial and cultural influences that define the city as well as Italy as a whole – and our menu reflects that history. We rely on seasonal, locally-sourced produce, following in the footsteps of centuries of smallholders that originated what we know as classic Italian cuisine. They capitalized on the harvest from their kitchen gardens, backyard orchards and family farms, both in the countryside surrounding Rome and in countless other diverse landscapes across the country. It was their dedication to the highest quality raw materials that made Italian food the international sensation it is today.


We are passionate about our Mediterranean, local and regional cuisine, yet also inspired by long-standing tradition to create something new. After all, modern Mediterranean cuisine started as a fusion of the cultures and peoples that have lived by this great sea. North and south, east and west, came together over the centuries and adapted their culinary traditions using new, regional ingredients.


Our menus are designed to delight you with the Italian flavors you know and love, but also tempt you with the unexpected. Eating and drinking well is a national pastime here in Italy, and as our tastes and our culinary culture evolved, the world adopted – and at times refined – our cuisine. We aspire to the same by sourcing the highest quality raw materials and working to perfect our traditional and innovative technique.

AcquaViva Breakfast

A Triumphant Good Morning


Served in: AcquaViva Restaurant and Patio + Pool Terrace

Served from: 7 to 10:30 a.m. during the week, from 7 to 11 on the weekend


At Villa Pamphili, we offer a Mediterranean-inspired breakfast with plenty of high-quality, seasonal and traditionally Italian offerings to choose from – particularly when it comes to fresh fruit and vegetables. We know you will love our homemade baked goods, from oven-fresh breads to sweet and savory pastries. Of course, we also aim to please our guests from abroad with a variety of international dishes cleverly reinterpreted by our chef. These varied and colorful options are presented in a sophisticated and inviting way, while our high-tech equipment ensures the food is always served in optimal condition. The large counters are heated or cooled depending on what is on offer, so that every dish is served at its freshest and most tempting, no matter when you decide to have breakfast. Every morning, our chef awaits you in the open kitchen overlooking the dining room, ready to fulfill your each and every wish.

Lunch at the Ristorante AcquaViva

"Good kilometer" cuisine


Served in: Ristorante Acquaviva, Patio, Pool Terrace

Served from: 12 to 3 pm. Food from the all-day/room service menu: 7 - midnight


The choice is yours: have lunch on the sun-kissed terrace overlooking the pool and the Valle dei Casali or dine indoors in the sophisticated yet cozy dining room of our elegant Roman osteria. Our cuisine is contemporary with a strong territorial focus. We search far and wide for “good kilometer” products, a concept that goes beyond “zero kilometer” cuisine. There may be an advantage to traveling a bit further – in the most eco-friendly way possible, of course! – to find producers dedicated to protecting high-quality ingredients. We are all about rewarding excellence and ensuring fair, equitable benefits for producers as well as consumers.


In the inviting atmosphere at Villa Pamphili, lunchtime is always a wellness break. Whether you are between meetings or just out of the pool, celebrating with friends or networking with colleagues, we make it our goal to give every guest what they need and, above all, what they crave.



Pizzeria Hotel Villa Pamphili Roma

La Pizza!

Ristorante AcquaViva, the gastronomic jewel of the hotel, is pleased to introduce you to its new pizzeria service. Step into a world of authentic flavors, where the excellence of Italian pizza merges with the elegance of a refined atmosphere.

We are proud to present our selection of gourmet pizzas, crafted with fresh and high-quality ingredients. Each bite is a journey through the Italian culinary tradition, enriched by the skill of our pizza chefs.

Immerse yourself in the magic of our kitchen, where the art of pizza becomes a celebration of taste and sophistication. The oven warmly welcomes each creation, ensuring crispiness and authentic flavor in every slice.

Come and discover the variety of flavors, from timeless classics to unique creations that will tantalize your palate. AcquaViva is ready to offer you an extraordinary gastronomic experience that will leave a lasting impression in your culinary memories.

Experience an evening of good food and conviviality, with the art of pizza taking center stage in every moment.




Raw fish and bubbles. Terrazza Pamphili, the new rooftop of Hotel Villa Pamphili Roma.

Dinner and convivialità


Served in: Ristorante Acquaviva, Patio, Pool Terrace

Served from: 7:30 to 11 p.m.


Take a seat in Ristorante Acquaviva, reminiscent of an elegant osteria on Capitoline Hill, and dine on everyone’s favorite traditional Italian dishes served family style. Today more than ever – now that it is safe to eat out again! – we can’t wait to gather around the dinner table with family and friends and celebrate delicious food. Appetizers and primi, whether it is pasta, risotto or tortellini in brodo, are served from a big pot at the center of the table just like Mamma used to do – a fun dining experience that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Of course, you are also welcome to choose individual dishes from the appetizers, primi and secondi on the menu, one of which is always a daily special inspired by what is in season in Rome and beyond.

Dinner in the Terrazza

Dinner on the Terrazza


Served from: 8 to 11 pm

Reservations required


What starts out as an aperitivo could well turn into a candlelit dinner as the sun sets over Rome. Lounge music playing in the background, breathtaking views and an atmosphere that is pure "dolce vita": Welcome to Terrazza Pamphili. At the cocktail bar, find the perfect pairing for your aperitivo from our unparalleled selection of spirits and sparkling wines. Nothing could be easier, with this intoxicating mix of soundtrack and scenery, than flowing seamlessly from drinks to dinner as the sun goes down over one of Rome’s most beautiful panoramas. The fresh, innovative menu, featuring high-quality ingredients (many served raw!), is cleverly curated and reinterpreted by our chef. From oysters to tartare, from gazpacho to our signature take on fish & chips, from eggplant parmigiana to a delicious fritto misto, the Terrazza is all about enjoying joie de vivre your way.



Aperitif on the terrace: rooftop "Terrazza Pamphili" Roma

Aperitivo on the Terrazza


Located on the fifth floor, Terrazza Pamphili is our rooftop terrace where you can enjoy great drinks, quality food, good music and even live DJ sets during the aperitivo hour. It’s such a dreamy spot for pre-dinner drinks that you might want to prolong the “golden hour” indefinitely as the sun goes down behind the tree-lined Roman skyline. With our comfortable wicker sofas, chic landscaping, gourmet finger food, world-class cocktails and relaxed atmosphere, a Terrazza aperitivo is the perfect opportunity to relax and refresh after a hard day of work or play, a moment of pleasure to enjoy on your own or with friends. You can rely on our skilled mixologists to quench your thirst with just the right drink, choose from our carefully curated wine list or select one of our “good kilometer” snacks for a healthy and sustainable treat. Music is an integral part of this magic experience, with sounds that wash over you and mark time as the moon rises over Rome.



Bar RendezV

Bar Rendez V

Cocktail bar Rendez-V

Open from: 10 a.m. to midnight


Rendez-V is our charming lounge bar styled in a mid-century look & feel. The large interior space opens out onto a wonderful patio overlooking the swimming pool and the park. This multifunctional venue, capable of

“changing outfits” at different times of the day, is the perfect spot for caffè and Italian breakfasts in the morning or smoothies and quick healthy lunches at noon, particularly for our guests fresh from a workout or a spa circuit. In the afternoon, there are areas available for informal business meetings or some well-deserved me-time with drinks, herbal teas and small snacks. And thanks to a wide selection of spirits and skilled mixologists behind the bar, Rendez-V is the place to relax as the evening draws to a close, whether you want to check the score of your favorite team or sit back and relax with a cocktail on the terrace.



Most convenient days - Hotel Villa Pamphili Roma

Room Service

Would you prefer to eat  your breakfast or a tasty meal in the privacy of your own room? Room service is available every day during the following hours:


From 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.: All-day menu with a selection of delicious cold dishes and desserts

From 12:30 to 3 p.m.: Lunch menu with a selection of starters, primi, secondi and side dishes

From 7:30 to 11 p.m.:  Dinner menu with a selection of starters, primi, secondi and side dishes


We also offer a selection of wines and soft drinks on the room service menu.

To order breakfast to your room, please call the restaurant.


Room service fee: €10





Dream banqueting food


To ensure every event is a resounding success, our focus is always on providing the highest quality food and drinks. Taste and pleasure are the stars of the show, whether you are hosting a celebratory feast, a well-deserved break between meetings, a gala dinner or a business lunch. We strive to engage all the senses and bring the right energy to the table, providing much-needed refreshment without weighing you down. Now more than ever, our passion for providing a creative, healthy and local culinary experience is central to our banqueting service. Allow us to delight and surprise you from the first taste to the last.

Chef and kitchen brigade

Our wonderful brigade

From the first coffee of the day until the kitchen lights go out after service, the brigade lives and works side by side. The hours in between may be tough, but they’re also sweetened with priceless ingredients like sharing, love, quality, collaboration and enthusiasm. Executive Chef Scognamiglio has put together a team that thrives under these circumstances, making sure the entire kitchen – and every single dish – is infused with their unbridled passion.

  • Andrea Ribaldone [[restaurants-bars]]

    Andrea Ribaldone

    We are proud to have Andrea Ribaldone leading the conceptual work on our food and beverage menus, a chef with countless important collaborations under his belt, as Executive Chef and Consultant at Eataly Tokyo, for example, or at Identità Expo in 2015. Ribaldone received a Michelin star in 2016 for I Due Buoi in Alessandria and again, almost immediately after taking the helm, at Osteria Arborina in La Morra in 2017 and at Due Camini in Puglia’s Borgo Egnazia resort in 2018.


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